The Association

The CMTA is a national association composed of nine (9) provincial and two (2) territorial massage therapy associations.

Officially constituted in 1991, the CMTA works collaboratively to promote massage therapy. We strive to ensure the highest standards in education and practice are met by member associations in providing massage therapy to the public.

We advocate on behalf of the profession to government, insurers, and the public in order that the profession of massage therapy is recognized as an integral partner in the delivery of health care services to Canadians.

Our Mission

The CMTA is the National voice of the Massage Therapy profession in Canada for the purpose of uniting, strengthening, and advancing the profession.  We provide a forum for shared experiences and resources to advocate for the profession of Massage Therapy on National issues by fostering a deeper sense of community for the Professional Associations.

Our Values


We envision, establish, and guide the National direction of the Massage Therapy profession in Canada. We strive to do great, successful, important, and rewarding work that we can take pride in and we know that sharing our knowledge and experience and learning from one another makes us capable of great things.


We adhere to and operate through Professional Standards as developed by publication of Policy, Position Statements and an investment in continuous quality improvement.


Through collaboration we multiply our contribution. Shared goals and mutual support allow us to provide innovative solutions to issues/challenges and opportunities facing the profession of Massage Therapy.


We practice fair, responsible & ethical leadership in the spirit of unity for the profession.


At the core of accountability is reliability and personal responsibility. We work diligently and honour our commitments.  The CMTA accepts responsibility for all decisions, positions and any initiatives undertaken to achieve the Vision of the CMTA.

Our Vision:

The CMTA is Nationally and Internationally recognized and respected representing and supporting Massage Therapy as an integral part of Healthcare.